Friday, June 27, 2008


red shoe
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Friday, June 06, 2008

spinning into infinity

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Clearly I have a short attention span, but there is something very pleasant about waking up and thinking 'I am going to knit a dishcloth with that greeny-goldern yarn'. I am going to cast on now, and nix to the other three things I am already knitting.

So I am. I knitted a lot of it in bed, too, which is also a very pleasant thing. With luck I shall finish it today and the knitting pile will decrease somewhat.

In other news, I have been bitten on the bum one too many times by a red ant in my garden, so have sent for some 'ant nematodes' which will safely and environmentally Kill Their Arses The Dead. I am all for living in harmony with god's little creatures but those bites hurt!

To redress the minibug population a little I bought some ladybirds too. By post. Imagine! My ladybird (larvae) are on a package holiday to my beans. I have also bought them a nice house, which with luck will not burn down. The plan is that this will assist my poor runner beans in growing, as currently they are been struck down by the evil aphid.

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