Thursday, August 06, 2009

horsing about

Oh dear, I have been quite rubbish. Here is a nice picture of a horse. On the borders of Thamesmead. I mean, where else would you go to see a horse, by the side of a main road, eating grass? Thamesmead is the obvious choice.

I stumbled upon my horsey friend whilst on a protracted ramble (which means I was lost) back from the post office collection office the other day. Halfway through the ramble, during a time when I was headed in completely the wrong direction I also found a small park surrounded by what I'm pretty sure were prefab houses, and a Nissan hut. I drew the obvious conclusion that I had been pulled through a rip in the space-time continuum. Perhaps the horse is a further sign of this?

I also found some sloe bushes which means sloe gin, but not until October. In the meantime we are here approaching a state of runner bean glut, there are tomatoes on the tomato plants and flowers on the (planted very late) potatoes. There is also a pumpkin on the pumpkin plant which is thrilling on a daily basis. I keep eyeing up more flower bed as growing vegetables turns out to be even more exciting than growing flowers, and I am already making plans for what's going where next year.

I am middle aged, aren't I.

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