Saturday, April 15, 2006

amazing soup

Mole and I walk down the hill from the Observatory, talking about food.

'You should try [Thai name which I have forgotten] soup' says Mole 'It's amazing'.

I get a mental image - of a deep silver tureen filled with a clear liquid in which there are jewel-like fronds of gently swaying soft green seaweed. The light reflects from the surface of the liquid and sparkles as steam rises gently. Floating in the tureen are four naked mermaids in a Busby Berkley/kaleidoscope style formation, their long shiny tails pointing towards the centre of their pool, their arms outstretched and their long blonde hair rippling with the liquid.

'Does it have mermaids in it?' I ask

'No....' Mole says. 'It doesn't seem that amazing now'.