Friday, May 12, 2006


In the absence of very much to say i'll post slightly ranty emails, I think:

'It could be worse, you could be trying to find something to wear to accompany a friend to a lunch to celebrate an award she's won for watercolour painting....without knowing if it's posh or not, and with the added complication of having lost so much weight that the only summer clothes you have that don't fall down are at least three years old and distinctly scruffy (not to mention unfashionable).

PLUS in a desperte attempt to look vaguely feminine you could have made the rash decision to wear heels, in the full knowledge that by about 1.30 you won't actually be able to walk.


As it happens, the glamorous lunch turned out to be a brown paper bag containing a tuna mayonnaise sandwich, an apple and a Kit-Kat. The celebration turned out to be an awards ceremony with blokes sitting about in fur-trimmed capes and a speaker who eulogised about drawing (never a bad thing).

As well as this, the heels were strangely comfortable.

Further proof that one ought never to expect the expected. I do still desperately need some new clothes, though.