Tuesday, May 30, 2006

she said I hate to be pedantic but it drives me nearly frantic when I see that unromantic syncophantic lot of sluts forever wriggling their guts

You are disappointed by what I write here?

Pick up your bag and walk, my friend. No-one, and I mean NO ONE gets to tell me what or how I write here. Here I may write my shopping list, accounts of my gardening, the events of my past and future life, what I ate for dinner or jokes for my friends. I can choose to think about what I am writing, drunkenly blurt out half-hidden secrets, comment idly upon the weather or request parts for my ailing car.

The only censor is me.
The only arbiter of taste is me.
The only quality control is mine.
The only editor is me.

Me, me, mine. Not yours, not his, not hers, not any other bugger's. MINE.