Sunday, May 28, 2006

tuppence a bag

Recently I have mainly been laughing at Pigeon blog, (the diary of a London pigeon named Brian), and it has had an unanticipated affect on me. Every time I see a pigeon I think 'There's Brian'.

I realise that this is relatively harmless if slightly daft; but things are starting to get worse. Yesterday I was driving along past Plumstead Common and I noticed a whole load of Brian's mates standing on a hillock of grass, all looking in the same direction. There were no other pigeons, just the ones all standing on this slope looking upwards. Now, a normal person might conclude that as it was at the time raining sideways, then the pigeons had found shelter in the lee of the slope and were facing their pointy bits into the wind to keep sort of vaguely dry-ish. Me, I thought to myself 'Ooh, look! Pigeon rally!', and contemplated stopping to take a picture to send to Brian.

Then I remembered that I was driving and slammed on my brakes just in time to miss the pretty blue Mazda 6 something that was indicating left in front of me. In the nick of time. I can see it now, on the insurace form - Reason for accident? 'Looking at pigeons'.