Wednesday, June 21, 2006

strange fruit

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I come home from work and fall dead asleep on my bed, finally woken only by the insistant ringing of my mobile phone. When did I start forgetting to turn the bloody thing off when I fell into bed? Lucky I didn't though: I could do without another sleepless night contemplating the ugly purple beading on my fitted wardrobes and the insistant barking of the angry dog.

I lay in bed at night struggling to sympathise with that poor abandoned angry dog when in reality I'd like to strangle it with my bare hands. How dare it be so vocal about its distress? During my sleeping time, no less. Rude.

This post wonders whether it has a purpose. It doesn't. Sometimes I just like to make the words, spill random and unrelated thoughts, knit with vocabulary. There is almost definitely something I ought to be doing instead but Wonder Woman has gone, leaving only a sick headache in her wake: so procrastination is once again the order of the day.