Sunday, July 16, 2006

go ahead with your own life, leave me alone

I have to write a short biography, for something I have stumbled into almost accidentally.

None of the following will do, however they will do very nicely for putting off writing the damn thing.

'Cheerful One never wrote anything before in her life but is shit hot at deciphering the phonetic spellings of seven-year-olds and telling them how to use full stops. She is definitely going to join the circus any moment now, but first needs to organise a new car as hers is broken'.

'Cheerful One has been writing this and that since she was sort of sevenish but never really noticed because she was too busy colouring inside the lines and dreaming about Getting Out. She has become rather good at Getting Out, though she doesn't really know what to do with the Out. Now that she is grown up she occasionlly allows her felt pen to slip. Not often, though.'

'Cheerful One woke this morning in the middle of an unpleasant dream about trying to buy sandwiches in her home town of Totnes, with the soundtrack of 'My Life' by Billy Joel still playing in her head. She worries about her subconscious and in particular it's dodgy choice in tunes'.

'Cheerful One lives in South East London and is suddenly very much more interested in gardening and printmaking than writing anything else. She is definitely an interloper and expects someone to point this out at any moment so would rather leave first, thankyouverymuch'.