Saturday, July 29, 2006

the revolution will not be televised

I think this blog will die. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe sometime next week, or next year. I'm not entirely finished here, but essentially I believe it's dying in it's current form. The urge to speak of where the electrician is or what I bought for lunch left some time ago, and the desire to hang out my emotional washing in public was not long behind. After that I'm not entirely sure what's left. Probably some drawings, a few photographs, and a story or two about school when the urge to stand on a soapbox overtakes. Perhaps some of the other things I have recently been writing. If I'm honest I believe that it might just be time to switch off the computer, walk away, and concentrate on doing something other than procrastinating via the internet for a change. This may of course be a function of being on holiday and having an unusual energy surplus. A triumph of hope over experience.

Having said that, I'm pretty confident that the announcement of this blog's expected demise will be followed by a lengthy spate of posted shopping lists and open crying; but there you are. I never promised I wouldn't be contrary. Contrary is something I do really rather well.

See you tomorrow, then?