Friday, September 29, 2006

beat you down at cool canasta

I sent a sarcastic email last night to Talk Talk technical services, suggesting that they might like to actually read the previous mail I sent. I don't for a moment imagine that it'll make any difference, but it made me feel better to spread the ire around a bit.

In other news: Leaking roof, unplastered front bedroom, falling plaster in kitchen, thin layer of plaster dust covering the whole house, concrete monstrosity in back garden. I tell myself to just accept it all and to accept the fact that it all takes at least four times longer to fix than my patience allows for. This philosophical approach is generally effective for about a week, so I suspect I'll be banging my fists against the (crumbling) walls again by next weekend.

I do at least have taps that turn on and off now, and the damp patch that resulted from the bath not being sealed in properly doesn't seem to have grown since I re-sealed it. [Probably because I haven't been able to use the bath all week?]

The connection has dropped four times since I began writing this. Talk Talk still suck.

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