Monday, September 25, 2006

Talk Talk suck.

We interrupt normal services for a short rant about broadband suppliers. Or supplier, to be more precise.

If you are considering changing your broadband supplier to Talk Talk on account of their excellent fee structure, free calls and fast connection times -


The connection is flakey (mine drops constantly, another friend has no connection for days on end) and their customer services work from a script, assuming you can get through to them. I've just spent 50 minutes trying to get through to someone (anyone!) in the technical department and in the end gave up and wrote this in an attempt to get the festering bile off my chest. Last time I managed to get through I was promised after a call back which I am still awaiting over a week later. Should you decide to attempt email communication you will eventually find a small form which you can fill in, but last time I tried it I didn't get a reply for over a week. When I did it was a form letter.

Once again: Talk Talk. Don't touch them with a bargepole.