Wednesday, October 11, 2006

cake du jour

It wasn't until I left home that I found out the bananas had been just for me. Quite by chance one day when I was home for the holidays Mum mentioned that as I no longer lived at there, she no longer bought them. I was probably hunting for one in the fruit bowl at the time, as they are still more or less the only every day fruit that I will eat voluntarily. 'Eat an apple' was always my Mother's reply to any expressed hunger, and I've long held a grudge against apples as a consequence.

Banana bread was the result of my uneaten bananas. When they started to go black in the bowl she'd bake banana bread. The result was a plain but distinctly banana-y loaf cake. Pale, with a darker crust and little dark spots inside. Although dry it wasn't one of the cakes that it was acceptable to put butter on (although circa 1983 it would have been Flora). It was a dull sort of a cake: the sort that you would not be tempted to have more than one slice of, and I haven't seen or eaten it recently, in fact probably not since I left home.