Saturday, October 07, 2006

the revolution is not bloody here

One of the lesser side-effects of being locked in dispute with talktalk is the slow erosion of pleasure in hearing what used to be a tune that I used to quite like - Thunderclap Newman's 'Something in the Air'. Listening to hours of the anyodyne cover version of it interspersed with a self satisfied woman lying about how important my call is to her is a very special sort of torture. 50 minutes of it the other day did for me, really.

I spent another hour this morning going through the call-and-get-cut-off process, and listening to it in between contemplating crying (pointless) and throwing things (pointless and ultimately expensive). In the end decided that my sanity would benefit from some time away from the telephone. A nice shower. The tail end of 'Sounds of the Sixties' on Radio 2. (I know. I am desperately untrendy.)I walked away from the computer and entered the gentle haven of my bathroom.

I showered, and as I began to wrap myself in soft towels what should come on the radio? Yes. Thunderclap Newman.