Saturday, October 28, 2006

simple pleasures (2)

Despite the fact that I love a wide variety of foods, when it all comes down to it I could probably live on toast. And as it happens, between January and May of last year toast in combination with houmous or marmite did form the backbone of my diet (which might explain why I lost quite a bit of weight: maybe I should write a diet book and clean up). When I am on holiday and eating lots of fine food I begin after a couple of weeks to crave beans on toast; which I rarely eat when I am at home. When I have a hangover I want toast and butter. When I am in a hurry and realise that I ought to eat I have cheese or scrambled eggs on toast. If I'm four o'clockish I do toast and jam. There would be a very large hole in my diet were I to give up toast.

And yes, I am aware of the Paul Young song.

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