Wednesday, November 29, 2006

flight IC408

I am trying to do year 6's maths for Friday, so that when Chief Sir comes into the class to observe me teaching I am able to do a reasonable impression of someone who knows what they are talking about. Generally I do not mind looking like an arse in front of the top maths group when they are better at it than me, but on this occasion I have a feeling it might be prudent to look vaguely competant.

It's time zones, and I have the answer book. The first half of the page involved working out what time the prime minister's secretary rings him and where he is. Not peasy, but manageable: I didn't get any wrong, which made me feel rather proud. I am not exactly rubbish at maths, but have spent a considerable amount of time in my life delegating it to others who do not have to go through the pain barrier to work stuff out.

The second part of the page involves looking at four flights all in local time and working out how long they took in total. The answer is 31 hours. Unfortunately I keep getting 28 hours. Three hours out: three lousy hours. Where are they? Did Moscow steal them? Are they tucked under New Delhi? Has Rome hidden them? Beats me. I just tried (in desperation) converting all the times to GMT, and now I'm six hours over. Bugger.

I think my head may be going to explode, and there are two more questions yet.

I have a sudden and rather desperate urge to do the hoovering.

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