Friday, November 17, 2006

put another log on the fire for me

I admit it, I don't understand my new central heating. I spend a lot of time wondering whether it's working properly or not. I've got a new condensing boiler, and it seems to me like it makes too much noise, but perhaps the house is just quiet. I am confuddled by the fact that the radiators have thermostats and the boiler has a thermostat, and I don't understand whether or not they should be working independantly of one another or not, and if so how. Perhaps this is the reason that the boiler fan never seems to go off. Perhaps I am worrying unnecessarily. Perhaps I should just put another jumper on. Or take another off.

What I actually ought to do is ring the blokes who fitted it and ask them again to come round and check it for me. Unfortunately this involves letting on that I do not understand, which I am loathe to do, because I might be a girl, but I don't like admitting it. What I can admit is that this post is all about putting off that phone call yet again. Who knows; maybe central heating engineers read my blog.

In other news: my signing teacher tells me that my signing is improving. I am both proud of and scared by this revelation. I can communicate! This means that soon I shall have to go out and talk with deaf strangers. They may point and laugh. This would be bad.

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