Tuesday, January 02, 2007


No resolutions. Here is a list of things I did last year, some of which actually happened on purpose:

Stayed mostly sane.
Recovered from a deep and profound misery.
Got up and went to work on a disturbingly regular basis.
Made some lovely new friends.
Kept some lovely old friends.
Formed a deep meaningful relationship with a plumber.
Formed a less deep but equally meaningful relationship with a roofer.
Started several house-related projects which might even get finished in 07. Might.
Completed several minor house-related projects which give me pleasure every time I notice them.
Started dancing again.
Went to a lovely wedding and a lovely christening but no funerals.
Did quite a lot of drawing.
Did quite a lot of writing, some of which even got read out loud.
Decided not to run away with the circus.

There may be more.