Monday, January 29, 2007

you must get a lot of wrong numbers, Mama

This weekend, about two pints into the pub gig, I developed a strange and possibly unnatural urge to learn the ukulele. Here I am three days later, and the urge persists; I have even googled it. I am on the verge of looking up second-hand ukuleles on ebay*. This may well be the result of too many decongestants, but the thing is, the ukulele is such an relentlessly cheerful instrument and it is such a long time since I hatched a bizarre as-if-from-nowhere ambition** that I am almost tempted to indulge my fancy.

It's all a bit worrying.

* Shit, you can get red ones. I am really in trouble now.
** Apart from running away with the circus; but that was over six months ago, so barely counts any more.

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