Thursday, February 22, 2007

days like these

flowers in the fountain
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I don't really have the energy to stay in the huff for too long. Maybe a day, maybe two. A surge of efficiency is almost inevitably followed by one of those dark moods when I decide that no-one actually gives a toss; and even though I ought to know that they follow one another like night after day I'm never really prepared for the night-time section. Fortunately my proper friends get to know the routine. They chide me lovingly, and feed me kind words and sweets. Thank goodness for those proper friends.

I sat in the classroom this afternoon stapling dragon-covered Chinese lanterns together for my year threes and feeling the slow parting of the clouds. We played a game - 'Who can stay quiet for the longest?' They were fooled, which is always a marvellous surprise. I kept them in after the bell had rung not because they had been naughty but because I'd been enjoying them too much to notice the time and clear up. We'll be fine, that class and me. It always takes three sessions to get to know a group enough to like them for who they are, and today was the lovely fourth when you realise that it's going to be OK after all.

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