Monday, March 05, 2007

the blues they sent to meet me

When I wasn't having a lovely time at the seaside this weekend, I was mostly up a ladder stripping the plaster off my bedroom walls in a blister-inducing rage.

I found some more damp, in the top front left hand corner of the room.. I am at a bit of a loss, as the guttering, the soffit and the fascia have been done, the flashing has been done, and I've lain flat on my face in the loft with a torch pointing at a lovely dry mouse nest (empty).

Where can this damp be coming from? The right hand side is now as dry as dry can be. The ceiling is dry, the front wall appears dry, but the place where the wall meets the ceiling on the left hand side is damp. I am very puzzled, and ever so slightly fed up (I'd be much more fed up were I to allow myself to think about it too much, and am therefore assiduously avoiding this). It's possible I suppose that next door's flashing is leaking, and there are some very eroded-looking bricks on the front of the house which I suppose could be the cause of the damp. I have spent a lot of time looking out of my bedroom windows at the rooves of my neighbours, and wondering if their houses are leaky like mine too. They'd better be, I'm a nice girl and I didn't do anything to deserve this trial. All I want is a bedroom with nice flat walls and no wet corners. This can't be so unusual a thing in a terraced house, can it?

This post is mostly all about not ringing the roofer or going next door to speak to the neighbours.

Frankly, I liked it better at the seaside.

Edit: I have rung the roofer. He is coming over tomorrow with his ladders. He is very cheerful. Bastard.

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