Wednesday, March 28, 2007

coming clean

I am busy wearing grooves into my fingers with a newly acquired ukulele. One of the many excellent things about this instrument is that it is possible to play it (I use the term loosely) whilst lying on the sofa, a position of which I am very fond. I also discovered only this evening that it is possible to fall asleep whilst laying on the sofa holding an Ukulele.

However (I am pretty sure one should never begin a sentence with however but I am going to throw grammatical convention to the wind) I have interrupted my important groove-wearing and sleeping in order to impart breaking roof news. Mr Damp Man has just been around and applied his instrument in my front bedroom thoroughly, and although his careful poking revealed that my damp place is even wider than initially anticipated, his final conclusion was that 'you have already cured the problem'.

Mr Damp Man will, therefore, always have a very special place in my heart. He also said some very technical stuff about the wet and the inches, which being a girl I understood completely but cannot be bothered to inflict upon innocent passers-by. You should thank me for this, as it was less than interesting, I assure you.

Also, I am in a very Excellent mood as I am going on holiday on Saturday. I am not entirely sure how I shall survive the intervening days but I am fairly sure that laying down on the sofa wearing grooves into my fingertips will feature.

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