Wednesday, April 18, 2007

maybe he's crying for me

Ukulele update!

The ukulele obsession continues apace, and I am now suffering from a lesser-known disease called 'Ukulele thumb'. My left thumb hurts sommat awful at the bottom joint. This might be the result of unaccustomed ukulele neck grippage, or it might be something much more serious and indeed fatal. Only time and bad renditions of Patsy Cline numbers will tell.

Apart from that, I'm struggling with buzzy chords. I know this is because my fingers are touching strings they oughtn't, but I'm rubbish at correcting it. How chaps with big fat fingers cope is beyond me. I did this very evening form the idea that the problem might be the result of playing too quietly, though. As a result of this I should like to apologise to my neighbours, especially the ones who brought me biscuits back from Argentina (not cake, but Oh So Close).

Apart from that, and the growing suspicion that I may not be an Ukulele prodigy and might in fact be a bit crap, I am still thoroughly enjoying myself and urge you all to buy Ukuleles right away now.