Friday, April 27, 2007

nanny goats

Look! Look! Mr Witness has immortalised me in scrabble. I am officially thrilled and more cheered up that one would have thought possible. This says worrying things about my ego, I am well aware.

In other news, my walls are three-quarters plastered (just some jiggery-pokery with a radiator to deal with) and as a consequence my entire house is covered in a thin layer of plaster dust. It isn't desperately pleasant but the flat and hopefully slightly more robust walls more than compensate. It may soon be time to go to the DIY shop and gather great armfuls of paint swatches.

I am trying to decide what to do about my camera. I could claim it on the house insurance, which probably means a new camera, but also means paying an excess and a possible rise in my insurance payments next year. Alternatively I could post it (to flipping Colchester of all places) for repair, paying slightly more than the excess but with the very minor chance that they won't charge me at all. Little Friend Susan pointed out that the second is the more environmentally responsible option. It still smarts that less than a week into owning the thing I'm going to have to spend nearly £100 on it, so currently I am mainly leaving it on my computer desk and sulking.

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