Friday, April 06, 2007

i've told him once or twice to stop playing cards and shooting dice

I give up. I shall write a blog post about things what I have done. At least I am reliably inconsistent.

Here are the things:

1. I have begun stage two of 'slay the bushes' in preparation for the moving of the compost bin. There would be photos if my camera was working.
2. I have mown the lawn; something I have been getting around to for about a month now.
3. I have made a new bit of fence out of bamboo and cup hooks (no, really).
4. I have re potted the palm thing.
5. I have put up a new and excitingly wobbly bit of trellis.
6. I have weeded the front garden a bit.
7. I have put up the bird feeder and am anxiously awaiting great flocks of birds. Where are the birds? Send birds now! (I know, I know).

Ukulele update:

I now have the actual callouses at the end of my fingers where they make the chords. I am able to play 'In the Jailhouse Now' slowly and exceptionally badly (including yodelling). I am dealing rather well with the fact that P can pick up the Uke and make it sound like an actual instrument instead of something used for torturing small children and musical types. I think the 'D' chord (or is it D7) is the hardest of the four-and-a-half that I know. Plans for world Ukulele domination seem a way off yet.

In unrelated news I have plans for a Simnel cake, it being Easter and all that.

Oh, and last night I went to see Bryan Talbot talk about his new book (er graphic novel er comic er thing) 'Alice in Sunderland'. It was most enjoyable. So was the second brandy.

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