Tuesday, April 17, 2007

you say potato

I have deleted my twitter account. I don't think this an earth shattering-decision that anyone's going to give a flying hoot about, but if I censored everything that wasn't earth shattering there'd be no blog, would there?

Firstly, I believe that twitter is a brain-suck. It's one of those things that you can spend hours doing when you have nothing to do. Increasingly I think that this is a bad idea. What's so wrong with having nothing to do? I'd rather spend my time doing something productive, such as staring out of the window or going for a walk. Both of these things are 100% more likely to result in me thinking creatively than hanging about on twitter, and heaven knows I already have enough time-wasting activities. I'd prefer to be thinking creatively.

Secondly, I've been getting too much information from twitter. There is something about the format that twitter encourages which I find irritating. People whose blogs I really like drove me nuts on twitter. Repeat posting got on my nerves. The things that people were saying sometimes got on my nerves. Better to leave, as I think trying to tell people how to use it is a hiding to nothing.

Thirdly (I knew there was a thirdly but only remembered it when I took the opportunity to stare into space for a while), with twitter you aren't really communicating with your contacts, it only feels like you do. I know that you can send direct messages, but in the main the messages you see are sent into space by people and not really aimed at anyone at all. There is something about this that feels not very right to me. Whilst blogs are arguably an extended version of this, there is at least usually the opportunity to interact through the comment box, or through email with the blogger. In my experience this doesn't happen with twitter, and ultimately I get far, far more pleasure from spending time with my friends, or on the phone to them, or emailing. It might be intermittent contact, but the quality is far higher. I think I'll stick with that.

Anyway, I'm not expecting or hoping to be missed: this isn't a big flounce. I just thought about deleting it, and then I did, and it feels good.