Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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Since the last post has been so useful in galvanising my opinion I offer you, dear reader, another conundrum. I am currently on the horns of an indecision: should I sand my bedroom floor, or should I carpet?

In favour of sanding: It will look nice, artistic, trendy and stuff. It will be cheaper. It is (probably) more environmentally friendly.
Against sanding: The floorboards are a bit uneven, one or two are cracked, and some twat has attacked them in a couple of places with a disc saw (see pic). The gaps are a bit big in places so it might be drafty in the winter. I have to sand it myself and I recently read something describing this job as 'a weekend of hell'. I am not really in favour of weekends of hell, as my weeks are hellish enough to be going on with at the moment.

In favour of carpet: Someone else will get bruised knees fitting it. Softy lovely for my toesies.
Against carpet: Expensive. Not remotely bohemian. Irritating when I (inevitably) drop something on it which stains. Carpeting means making a decision about which particular beige carpet to have.

I have spent the last fortnight vacillating and really thought I had finally decided on carpet, until today some bad fairy left a copy of 'Real Homes' in the staffroom, which featured lots of pictures of bedrooms with nice sanded and sometimes painted floor. They looked good, undeniably good. The violent shock of interesting reading matter in the staffroom aside, this publication has thrown me back into indecision.

So. What do you think?

PS Yep, that's 'nearly blue' on the walls. Looks nice, dunnit?
PPS Don't even think about suggesting laminate. I'm not always cheerful, you know.

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