Monday, June 25, 2007

technical procrastination

raindrops on the red one
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My external hard drive is full, and I'm not sure what to do next. I suppose I have to buy a new one, but when I do I'm not sure how one goes about filling it only with stuff that is not already on the full one. I expect that's possible. I expect it has something to do with only updating with files created beyond a certain date. A date I'd have to work out, somehow. Or make up.

I probably ought to burn some of the photographs to CDs, or DVDs, or something, though I suspect that it's the music which is taking up the bulk of the disc space. Unfortunately this would involve addressing the issue of my broken CD drive, a problem I have been happily ignoring for oh; about eight months. Apparently I do not have a great need for burning CDs. Not since I took the back off the PC and discovered that the CD drive was mysteriously connected to the DVD drive and therefore not quite as slot-in-and-out-able as I had anticipated.

In the meantime I have finally grown tired of fiddling with the jack on my speakers every time the loose connection causes them to cut out, and have ordered some new ones.