Thursday, June 28, 2007

this is an old song

My goodness, it's amazing how much better music sounds when you aren't having to kick the speakers or fiddle with the jack every five minutes. The addition of an extra bass speaker has added a whole new dimension as well. Funny, that. The speakers were absurdly cheap too. I expect speaker purists would turn pale green if they knew what I'd bought. Purists of all natures make me nervous, so I shan't be entering into discussion about them. I am happy with my new speakers, They work, and everything.

Following the previous post I think I've slowly come to the conclusion that a couple of weekends are to be spent on my hands and knees banging in nails and filling gaps with sawdust/glue mixtures. Notice that I gloss over the sanding issue: I'm still putting off the actual hiring of machines, as I can't quite face a weekend of hell right now.

In other news: I have just found an active ukulele blog. What's more, it's an active ukulele blog with Joanna Newsom chords. This is probably more exciting than it really ought to be.

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