Monday, June 18, 2007

this title is not interesting, or experimental

I am having an experiment: I am not watching TV*. The main purpose of this experiment is to see whether I do more interesting things instead of slumping in a semi-comatose state in front of stuff that I really am not that interested in anyway. Last night as a consequence of not watching TV (apart from Dr Who, which is exempt from the experiment) I went to bed early. I'm not sure that this actually counts as more interesting; especially as I couldn't get to sleep.

Tonight I appear to be updating my blog. This may or may not count as more interesting, depending upon your point of view (dear Reader).

I did think that I might do a bit of gardening, as it's light; the jasmine needs encouraging to grow in a different direction from the one it's going in at the moment. On the other hand I wonder whether I might try the difficult art (for me at least) of doing nothing. Perhaps I need to work down to that slowly.

It's all very experimental.

*I fully expect this experiment to have a limited life, possibly of only two nights.