Thursday, June 07, 2007

with shoes like that

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I am dithering endlessly about the colour of the walls in the front bedroom. This is the second lot of testers I've done: the other lot were all creams and a quite hideous bright yellow. I was insistent that I was going to paint the room yellow, which is why when that proved to be a horrible idea I lurched over to the other side of the colour wheel (tho' technically that'd be purple, but the room was purple when this whole saga started, so I'm not going there.)

I'm now vasscilating between nearly-turquoise and nearly-blue. I'd all but decided on the nearly-blue (it's called jade white but it sure as eggs ain't jade) when I sat this afternoon moaning gently in Erialc's room and noticed that her wall..the bit of her wall which I have never much nearly-blue. Also the nearly-turquoise is being used on the walls of the garden in Big Brother. Not that I've watched it. Obviously.