Wednesday, August 08, 2007

two fat fast ones click, click, click

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My new best friend is called Smasher. Smasher is working on a small project at the moment entitled 'Kill the evil concrete monstrosity'. Smasher is a bit slow, because a) there's a lot of concrete and it's monstrous, b) there is also a lot of soil, which Smasher refuses to move so I have to do it, and c) the concrete is heavy and requires moving out of the way which I also have to do. Project 'Kill the evil concrete monstrosity' involves a lot of sitting down, I am finding. Too bad Smasher doesn't have a life of his own, although that might lead to a 'Magician's Apprentice' scenario which would be just plain scary.

Smasher also has his eyes on other areas, such as Facebook and this blog, but so far I have managed to convince him that they are virtual and therefore unsmashable.

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