Thursday, August 16, 2007

without a dream in my heart

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I have made cheese! It was terribly easy, and involved only a pint of whole milk, a stocking and some lemon juice. Next I am going to get some spinach and cook it with the cheese to make Sag Paneer.

It's all gone a bit Country Living around here, what with the cheese making and the gardening. I am currently waiting impatiently for the purple sprouting broccoli plants to arrive in the garden centre, as it is my favourite vegetable of all time, ever (closely followed by buttered cabbage) and now is the time to plant it. Added to this the calendula seeds have come up, which is inordinately exciting. I expect the snails will be thrilled, too. I did some research the other day to find out whether it is possible to eat our native garden snails, as I have an over abundance of them; and I am partial to a snail or six in a French restaurant. However, having read through the process of 'purging' and cooking them, I came to the conclusion that I couldn't go through with it. I hadn't realised I was so squeamish; but for now I think I'll stick with mushrooms and garlic butter, as the taste is broadly similar and you don't have to keep them in a bucket for 5 days before you tuck in.

I really must get some wellies.

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