Monday, August 20, 2007

your turn: view board

I am coming to the conclusion that I am actually quite scared of being creative. I will do almost anything (and with Facebook, one needs hardly anything at all) to avoid taking one of my many ideas and turning them into something which might conceivably be A Bit Shit.

More scrabble, the windows need cleaning? I ought to put some socks on, I think I'll just do some gardening. I'm going to the shops to buy a pen/a pair of shoes/some plants/a book/bedroom furniture. I need a nap! I am going to re-arrange my finances, ring the plumber, get loft insulation: Oh Look! Another ancient friend on Facebook. Hurrah!: it's my turn in scrabble. Oh; it's not my turn I'll challenge someone else to another game of scrabble. Cup of coffee would be nice, and then maybe I'll hoover then make some soup then fill rubble bags then have a bath then I urgently must look up the feminine of the word 'maestro' and gosh YouTube MySpaz Bloglines Facebook Facebook Blogger Facebook Gmail Facebook I fancy a drink really it's time for bed.

No. Really. Now. RIGHT NOW.

In a minute.

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