Tuesday, September 04, 2007

bad-tempered teacher

Things to do on your first day back at school:

1. Find your cup.
2. Colour in all the days off for the next year in your new diary (thanks to Lectrice for that one).
3. Correct the grammar and spellings in all the staff meeting handouts with a red pen.
4. Compile a list of words to describe an irritating member of staff (including 'supercilious' and 'self-aggrandising').
5. Make a list of things to be done, including three things you've done already so that you can cross something off.
6. Bin all of the paper in your pigeon hole.
7. Lose your cup.

8. Lie about what you did in the holidays.
9. Go home with a headache.

Thanks to Colin for his contribution over the last week.

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