Thursday, January 10, 2008


My new rolling pin has arrived! I have already spent several happy minutes brandishing it, in the style of a 1950's housewife faced with a mouse, only I was in school at the time of its arrival so got to brandish it at children which was surely much more fun.

It has come just in the nick of time to miss all the Christmas baking that we did, where much rolling had to be carried out with the aid of an empty wine bottle. I kept forgetting to keep the wine bottles, and so had to drink new bottles in order to keep myself in rolling things, which was a terrible curse.

Now I must find a place to keep my new equipment until it is needed in the next baking rush. This is going to be a difficulty as the kitchen, which has cupboards that are stupidly small and drawers that are stupidly false-fronted became officially full at the time of the cookie cutter purchase.

I am tempted to make a celebratory cheese straw.

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