Thursday, January 03, 2008

insert knitting pun here

I have taken up knitting. I am hoping that it will help to save me from insanity by giving me something vaguely creative to do with my hands during the times when my brain is frazzled. Which unfortunately is most of the time during term time.

I am knitting a scarf. It is multicoloured and currently about 16 inches long, which is officially too short for my neck. Still, so far I am enjoying the knitting experience and may once again adopt the pastime of making little badges of pretend cocktail stick and bead with a little bit of knittery attached. Like mini knitting needles, see? I had forgotten I used to do that, aged about thirteen. I sold them, you know. For about a week in 1983. I may take this up again too.

This time next year I'll be an Etsy millionaire....

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