Friday, February 01, 2008

never had no sweater

I am knitting a tank top*. I haven't worn a tank top since Grandma knitted me one in 1975** , but here I am, knitting one. It is very stress-relieving, especially the bits where you have to start it four times, realise you are actually following the wrong pattern and spend hours agonising about what to do about the four inches you've knitted already (whilst watching a really horrible programme about the Jonestown Massacre which is bound to give you nightmares), and the fact that the longer it gets the more it looks a suitable size for someone who still has a living knitting Grandma.

Knitting is great. Hours and hours of things other than work to think about.

*I mainly chose a tank top because it has no arms and should therefore be quicker. I am beginning to realise that this may not be the best method of choice.

**it was lime green, white and navy, and went very nicely with the bowl haircut and NHS specs. Gorgeous I looked: gorgeous.

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