Friday, March 07, 2008

climb every mountain

Some days, the need for a day off is more pronounced than others. Thank goodness for days off. Every now and again I contemplate the 20% pay rise that working five days a week would bring, but generally some kind soul reminds me that teaching five days a week is a fast track to personal bad temper and general insanity. Given my current level of personal bad temper and general insanity this would definitely not be wise. Work continues to be...challenging. Still no Ofsted publication, still no new headteacher, still lots of teachers hiding behind things crying. Not ideal.

A man in a long sparkly coat covered in appliqué elephants tried to persuade me to become a storyteller this week. I confess that I was tempted. I have been wishing for a door to open recently, and wonder whether that might be it. Even though I have virtually no intention of following up this opportunity it's nice to think that it exists.

I had a bunch of other things to say about London and books and stuff like that but I have decided to keep it to myself. Not blogging is the new blogging. Writing about not blogging is web2 (er, three?) meta for a new millennium! I shall go and sit on the sofa and think inside my head instead.

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