Thursday, April 03, 2008

I can't stand up

It is the holidays at long last. Marvellous.

Today I foolishly forgot that I was a middle aged woman for a brief moment and played stick-in-the-mud with my class in the warm afternoon sun. This was brilliant until I fell over; resulting in a loud bang and an impressive set of grazes. I had forgotten how much falling over at speed hurts (the relative speed of a 40yr old, though there's a lot more mass to test gravity than there used to be) and nowadays one cannot burst into dramatic tears* and be half carried limping to the first-aid room, you just have to sit on the floor for a moment and feel like a bit of a twat. The kids were great though: they pointed and laughed. Bless 'em.

Our school is now officially in special measures. Um, hooray; or something**.

*dunno why really, I do dramatic tears on a fairly regular basis to be honest.
** something more like 'Oh: shiiit'.

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