Tuesday, April 08, 2008

labour and wait*

another ex bush
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I have slain the bush! (Should that be slayed?) It is an ex bush.

Do not mourn the bush, for it was dull and full of black fly and flowered for only ten minutes. Also while I was at the garden centre buying compost and stuff I accidentally bought a blackcurrant bush, which will keep the perchless sparrows very happy. I might even get a blackcurrant myself if I'm very lucky.

I'm quite excited about the blackcurrant bush.

The place where the old bush was is now going to be a vegetable patch. It is a bit small, so I plan to use the principles of square foot gardening, by which I mean I have bought a book about it and shall ignore nearly everything it says except for the bit about planting things closer together than normal. I have even drawn a plan and coloured it in with felt tips; for I am south east London's answer to Monty Don; only with straighter, redder hair.

* This is what gardening is all about, plus it is the name of a quite brilliant shop in East London which I urge you to visit for the sole purpose of buying me EVERYTHING. Thanks.

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