Thursday, August 28, 2008

i'm on the train

wall of cheese and filming
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London: It has come to my notice that of those of you who are not a) wearing sensible shoes and backpacks b) speaking french c) travelling in pre-pubescent dayglo herds are on your mobile phone and complaining about your job. Very loudly. At great length. In a monotone voice.

Whilst I sympathise with your employment plight I should just like to point out that the fifteenth round of 'I'm not going to let them treat me like this' is no more effective than the first, and that going on and on (and ON) about it probably isn't going to make you feel any better. I have job problems of my own, London. I do not need to hear yours too. One of these days I might just give in to the temptation to snatch your brand new iPhone and throw it at you. Sorry about that, it's the hormones.

Might I suggest that in future you talk about nice happy things such as your holiday in Malaga, or how much you drank last night? Go ahead and book some cinema tickets, it might cheer you up. I hear Mamma Mia is uplifting.

One other thing: I'm afraid that though I find the intimate details your visits to the hospital or your relationship breakdown fascinating, I'm really not sure that the public is the best place to discuss these things. We can hear, London. All oif it.

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