Saturday, October 25, 2008

hope and experience

Cotton cowl 2
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I've decided that this year I am going to knit some of my Christmas presents. This is a risky business, as the last present I knitted still hasn't been delivered and the birthday in question was on the 8th September. Still: I am determined.

I've already done a [censored in case they read this] and I'm planning a scarf for my Dad, and probably another for P's mum. I'm thinking of making a [censored again], and I may even attempt some [gosh, this is really interesting with no content in it, isn't it?], though this will mean scary double pointed needles, which I haven't ever used before. I am sure that swearing will ensue, but running before I can walk is one of my better developed character traits. Also, setting goals that might be unachievable. Hell, why change the habits of a lifetime.

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