Thursday, December 04, 2008

just write 5: the last fifteen minutes

I have spent all afternoon making paper advent candles shouting about crayons and watercolour resist and sponge painting pieces of sugar paper with green paint glitter on our fingers dripping it everywhere he got it on me Miss ha ha he got it on me I do not need to wash my hands they are clean no they aren't you look like Shrek wash them in the sink in the cold cold water then didn't I say to clear this table before you painted I don't have a brush Miss I need some water Miss why are you under the table I am clearing up Miss well I did not ask you to clear up we will listen to the Christmas music but only if you are sensible happy Christmas war is over I have finished what shall I do? make another one where are the bits of paper over there by the brushes I do not have a brush I need some water I have finished why not colour in the gaps there are lots of white gaps try to paint to the edges paint over the edges watch out there's a crayon on the floor pick it up someone will tread on it and the cleaner will not be happy put those books on the floor before you paint why are you dancing Lou I said sensible remember you aren't allowed to enjoy yourself we do not do enjoying here now yes if it's finished put it on the table to dry make another one if your water needs changing take it to the sink don't push past people with water it will go all over the get some paper towels and wipe it up then don't worry it's only water it will dry right we have got to tidy up tidy up everybody put the paintings on the table the brushes in the sink the paints in the box not yet OK now put all the books back on the table and yes collect the scissors yes you can collect the pencils put the newspaper in the bin don't wave it about thanks the bell is going to go come on everybody tidy tidy tidy pick up the bits from the floor stand behind your chairs off you go goodbye yes if you can see your mum you can go goodbye yes that's fine you can go goodbye yes goodbye goodbye goodbye